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tv   9 News Now at 6pm  CBS  November 26, 2010 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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clock. newton. oh, he got it. >> gary: he sure did. >> verne: he rolled over the top and got the first down. after almost losing the snap. the captioning on this program is provided as an independent service of captionmax, which is solely responsible for the accurate and complete transcription of program content. cbs, its parent and affiliated companies, and their respective agents and divisions, are not responsible for the accuracy, or completeness of any transcription, or for any errors in transcription. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> gary: alabama, as you can see, has only one time out. >> verne: newton caught, dropped. >> gary: they're going to take it, aren't they? yes, they will. >> verne: damion square, number 92, makes the tackle. >> gary: i'll tell you, that
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comeback by auburn down this many points is one of the all-timers. >> verne: newton appears to be shaken up on the play. limping a little as he turned and ran back to his left. >> gary: he ain't coming out of the game, though, i can guarantee that. we thought his heisman trophy run was against l.s.u. remember that one from patrick peterson? >> verne: sure. >> gary: i'll tell you, his play of the year for me might be that fourth-down pass. >> verne: he found darvin adams. >> gary: yes. you talk about faith, fourth and three or four, and he rips a throw. remember, earlier in the year, i don't recall which game it was -- might have been l.s.u. -- he missed a throw and it led to this touchdown later on the same drive. talk about faith in your quarterback. >> verne: julio jones sitting next to greg mcelroy. he went out, having returned a kick and was injured on the kickoff return.
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now, newton giving evidence of being in some pain. second and 12. for the day, 13 of 20. it was the last play when he got shaken up. right there. now, second down, 12. mccalebb. around the corner. mark barron is there to make sure he doesn't round the corner very far. >> gary: he tried the same play. they hit l.s.u. on the 70-yard speed sweep, remember, we thought the ball would never leave cam newton's hands, and they tried to get outside of it. wonderful job to the outside that time by dee milliner. >> verne: third down, nine.
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a one-point game. an undefeated auburn team. >> gary: here comes alabama. they're coming. they've got the bare look. they're coming. five strong. delay of game. delay of game. >> referee: prior to the delay-of-game foul, time out by auburn. second charged time out. this will be a 30-second time out. >> verne: i keep thinking we thought we might get something exciting. >> gary: we sure did. >> verne: this one began at 1:30 central time. the defending national champs against the undefeated auburn tigers in the iron bowl, 75th meeting, and it opened with a strong alabama surge. they scored touchdowns on their first three possessions to go up 21-0. cam newton and the auburn tigers went three-and-out the first
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three times they had it. it was 24-7 at the half. but one of the key place, and there have been dozens of them, but the second play of the second half. >> gary: the long 71-yard touchdown pass but i still think the key to the ballgame for me, alabama, three times inside the 10 and gets two field goals. >> verne: third down and nine. sweep. great pursuit. fourth down. neiko johnson, number 35, took an angle and flew to the ballcarrier. >> gary: alabama will have their back-up quarterback in the game. >> verne: with no time outs. >> verne: marquis maze inside the 20. ryan shoemaker.
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the punting game has not been a strength of auburn this year. maze had an 81-yarder wiped out by a penalty a couple weeks ago and this one is whistled dead prior to the snap. >> referee: time out, auburn. their third and final time out. it will be a 30-second time out. >> verne: a.j. mccarron. >> gary: remember this highlight of a.j. mccarron went all over the internet. he threw a pass in a game with a big lead, and a.j. got some strong coaching. and a whack on the behind. will he get julio jones? i see julio jones with his helmet on. >> verne: julio jones, out the last series.
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for the day, 10 catches, 199 yards. seven of those catches in the first half. >> gary: again and again and again, this is is why i feel that the big conferences deserve all tiebreakers and all benefit of the doubt when they play for the national championship, because the little guys don't have to get over this alabama hurdle. i'm sorry. >> dan: fourth and 10, ryan shoemaker to punt. the return is on all the way. maze comes up. a big bounce. takes it at the 18, and is downed almost immediately. emory blake was the first one down there. now, a.j. mccarron. >> gary: what did jim mcelwain tell us yesterday? "before a.j. leaves, you will love this guy."
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>> verne: he has a chance now to go into the alabama legendary list. jones is out there. first and 10, 51 seconds to go, no time outs, trailing by one. mccarron. deep left side. incomplete. >> gary: they did not block nick fairley. nick fairley went right through his man to the quarterback. watch him right here. right through him, inside and right into the quarterback. >> verne: that was redshirt freshman anthony steen. here is fairley. second down and 10 from the 19. 46 seconds to go. >> verne: mccarron. deep right side.
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intercepted. no, it's dropped, i beg your pardon -- i thought t'sharvan bell had it in his hands. >> gary: can't get one any easier than that. trying to throw the ball to kevin norwood on the play, and he came and kind of raked the ball across his arms and saved it, it looks like, didn't he. >> verne: yeah. >> gary: third down. i tell you, if you're the quarterback, in your head -- and you just don't know -- you don't have much time to throw it. that rush is coming. >> verne: mccarron back. steps up. across the middle. drops again. kevin norwood, number 83. it will be fourth down and 10.
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>> gary: what a comeback. what a football game. what a quarterback cam newton is. he did it against one of the most sophisticated defenses in college football. >> verne: fourth and 10. 35 seconds remaining. >> verne: mccarron. tipped. no flags. neiko thorpe. auburn will win. how do you do. >> gary: good coverage. ball to the outside. if he caught it, it might even have been close to a first down. what a comeback. one for the ages.
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>> gary: considering everything that's gone on around this program, verne, can you really believe the focus this guy has had? how sweet it is. >> verne: extraordinary. again, allegations are still out there. no further developments on his personal story, nor that of his father, and in the face of all of the turmoil, he leads his team from 24 down to a 28-27 victory in the iron bowl. >> verne: 13-20 for 216, he wound up 22 rushes, 39 yards, and a touchdown, and he is our
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"chick-fil-a player of the game." you see the stats. 39 rushing yards. one rushing touchdown. down to tracy with gene chizik. >> tracy: coach, down 24-0, on the road against alabama, and this team just continues to fight back. they've done it all season. what can you say about them? >> god is good, man, i'm going to tell you, this team has so much faith -- i can't even tell you what this team -- it's hard for me to describe it. it's every week. it's every play. it's every game. there is a chemistry here like i have never seen before in my life. it's special. >> tracy: how about cam newton. he struggled early and then with all the allegations surrounding him, what can you say about him as a leader of this team? >> this is a solid as a rock guy. i will go to bat for him 100 out of 100 times. he is the man. and along with the rest of this football team, these guys know how to win, and they're winners. >> tracy: congratulations on beating your rival. enjoy it.
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>> verne: this has become a familiar scene, has it not? lee ziemba, his 50th start. congratulations to him. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division captioning by captionmax >> verne: goodnight from tuscaloosa. [ male announr ] rated m for mature. [ explosions ] ♪ [ mortars and airplanes overhead ] ♪ ♪ there's only one vehicle toh enough to play in this world: the 2011 jeep wrangler call of duty black ops edition. with a redesigneinin,or , the new jeep wng remains one tough 4x4.
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>> tim: just another friday after thanksgiving, welcome to the "jeep post game show" a reminder. tonight on cbs. >> tim: in the game you just saw, auburn escapes tuscaloosa with an incredible 28-27 win. now we're going to take you out to tracy wolfson who spoke to lee ziemba of auburn just moments ago. >> tracy: congratulations, lee, for you as a senior and for the rest of these seniors to beat your rival, alabama on the road in this fashion, what does that mean? >> it's unbelievable. i'm so proud of these guys. you can see how resilient they are. they never get down, they're always going to battle to the
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end and you couldn't ask to be a part of a better football team. >> tracy: what was said in the locker room when you went in down that much? >> one series at a time. that was our goal. we couldn't look at the scoreboard, we just had to do our best on each series and eventually we would catch up. >> tracy: for you, an up-and-down career for auburn and for this team and for the program, so to come away with this victory, where does this one stand? >> it's up there, it's up there with the best of them and i'm so proud of our guys, our coaching staff, amazing. >> tracy: congratulations on a tremendous career. >> verne: all right, tracy. >> verne: pretty obvious that the team spokesperson is lee ziemba because of obvious reasons, cam newton is not going to be speaking at least for the time being. >> archie: his 50th start. >> tim: i'm glad an offensive lineman got an opportunity to chat. let's talk about the incredible comeback, gus malzahn engineered one of the great offensive coordinator comebacks i have
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seen. >> archie: i loved the fourth and three call to pass. great confidence. great comeback, great season, it was a heisman afternoon. >> tim: yeah. >> archie: i look forward to coach spurrier getting a second chance at these tigers in the championship game. >> spencer: gentlemen, i all i have to say is there has not been a more intense 13 days since the cuban missile crisis in the leadup to an event and i'm only half joking, the 13 days from the end of the georgia game to this one has been entertaining on and off the field and today's event certainly lived up to the advance billing. all i can say is wow. >> tim: from a sports perspective, i will tell you that cam newton should have wrapped up the heisman trophiy but i dare say he perhaps has not because all the precincts have yet to report on this particular story but we'll talk about the impact of this win on the b.c.s. a little bit later, but now, time to get to the scoreboard and we have got plenty to tell you about, and let's talk, if we may, about colorado and nebraska. tom osborne along with defensive tackle ndomukong suh of a year
6:18 pm
ago, had his jersey retired. >> spencer: brandon kinney, this time 16 yards for the score -- 24-3 cornhuskers doing a tremendous job today. >> tim: just went in again to make it 44-17. nebraska obviously with a win wraps up the big 12 north and oklahoma state and oklahoma in bedlam, with all certainty will probably determine -- texas a&m has a mathematical chance but they're on the outside looking in, one would think. elsewhere, backyard brawl time, archie. >> archie: geno smith three touchdown passes on the day, this one a two-yard touchdown to will will johnson, comes right back, geno smith, 12-yard touchdown to tavon austin. his second touchdown catch of the day. >> tim: stewart was beginning to hear calls from the mountaineer fans and this opens the door for uconn and randy edsall to win
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the big east title. should the huskies win, all west virginia would have to do is win next week and a probably fiesta bowl bid. louisville and rutgers and an opportunity for a first-year coach to get bowl eligibility. >> spencer: the handoff to bilau powell. powell's third of the day. rutgers freshman throws his second interception on the afternoon. this one picked up by johnny patrick. 36 yards for the t.d., dodd sacked nine times by louisville and as you said, how about charlie strong. >> tim: first year. do you think they miss him in gainesville this season? no doubt about it. out west where dennis erickson's job is safe and ucla going for it. >> spencer: fourth don and one, running back jonathan franklin stopped by arizona state, defensive tackle william sutton, a.s.u. right back, cameron marshall republicans it -- open-field move, did you see the crossover? the separation and speed on the big end, separate yourself, he
6:20 pm
was run down but not before he scored. >> tim: a lot of people think this was a big game for norm chow to win, for rick neuheisel, they've cut to four. 31-27. bruins try to become the fourth team in the pac-10 to become bowl eligible. ohio state and kent state. we head out to the mighty mac -- i should say ohio u, kent state linebacker luke baton recovers in the end zone. the handoff, for 26 yards, 21-6 kent state. ohio could have won the division but miami of ohio winds up winning the east of the mac, and that's important for them to take away the eastern division of the mac conference. northern illinois blows away eastern michigan 71-3. the final score. that's who miami of ohio will face in the mac title game -- they'll be taking on northern illinois for the mac. to central michigan and toledo.
6:21 pm
terrence owens a 25-yard strike to eric page, his second touchdown catch of the day. watch once again, spencer, throwing to eric page and then the throw-back. >> spencer: 28 yards for the touchdown, 41-24 toledo. open-field running. >> tim: i don't mind the throw-back unis in games like that. buffalo and akron. the reason we show you this game is because it ends the nation's longest losing skid at 11. wake forest takes over the dubious honor with nine and they'll entertain vanderbilt tomorrow. as you look at the standings in the mac conference. >> tim: to conference usa we go. >> archie: dominique davis throws to lance lewis, lewis with his second touchdown catch of the day. game tied at 38-38. going it overtime. dominique davis picked off by
6:22 pm
s.m.u. cornerback richard crawford to end the game. >> tim: didn't take long for june jones, comes over to -- he's already the west champion in conference usa with the win and they'll be flying to -- playing either central florida or southern mississippi in the championship game. coming up we'll talk b.c.s. plus a look at tonight's big games when "the jeep post game show" continues. when the 2011 jeep grand cherokee drives off road, the quadro lift air suspension raises the vehicle, making it more capable, off road. and if you happen to be driving on road, it lowers it for better handling and fuel efficiency, on road. happening right now at red lobster.
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6:25 pm
something happens to oregon. oregon has two games to play. >> spencer: oregon coming off a two-point decision to cal, their offense benign in that contest, they need to score a lot of points, i think lamichael james the key, outscoring opponents once they get in the -- >> tim: i talked to chip kelly, i asked if 13 days off would help. he said no. i think he's concerned about the time off, rust and then having to go to corvallis for the civil war after that, archie. >> archie: that's a tough game. >> tim: the arkansas-l.s.u. game looms large that we have tomorrow and obviously they need a lot of help. they needed alabama first and foremost today to hold onto that lead. it did not happen. >> archie: they're going to have to play hard to win in little rock, first, the opportunity, they're 11-1. >> spencer: l.s.u. peaking, second half against alabama and, of course, last week jordan jefferson coming off the career high for today. >> tim: bad news in the second half in a lot of respects for t.c.u. and l.s.u. because they needed both oregon and auburn to lose and that may not happen -- at least until championship
6:26 pm
series. that will just about do it for tonight. join us tomorrow. >> tim: l.s.u.-arkansas. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division >> tim: we'll see you right here tomorrow. this is dr. love and this is dr pepper cherry. it's got a little kiss of cherry flavor. you want cherry, how bout a little kiss! ♪"they call me..." ♪"dr love" you can't beat a little kiss...of cherry.
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